Tips for Online Money Transfer to India from UK 

A hand holding 5 euros.

Online money transfer is a popular way to send money from one country to another, making it convenient, secure, and cost-effective. Mistakes to avoid while making an online money transfer to India. Online money transfers from the UK to India can be risky, so it is important to consider all options and potential costs before starting.

Challenges for Blue Collar Workers Sending Money Home  

Money transfer services are a vital part of the economy, enabling people to send money to their loved ones in other countries. However, the traditional remittance industry is expensive and inefficient. As the global economy becomes more global, more and more people are sending money to their families in other countries. But there are many […]

Relationship between Migration and Remittances

Relationship between Migration and Remittances

Migration holds the most significant proportion of remittance for the development of the economic conditions of the home country via the money sent by the emigrant workers or those who’re working abroad. Remittances made by migrants to assist their families at home, whether in the form of money or commodities, are referred to as workers’ […]

10 Reasons Why Remittances are Important

10 Reasons Why Remittances are Important

The global flow of remittance is significant all over countries, thus including the south of Asia, as it is more significant than all other capital flows involved. The rural transformation does bolster further due to the effect of remittances on that of the rural areas. The reports of the World Bank of 2022 measure the […]

Remittances and Economic Development

Economic Engine

One of the major sources of financial flows to developing nations over the past few decades has been the remittances of workers. While it is apparent that international money transfers impact recipient households that reduce poverty and smooth consumption, a crucial practical question is whether they also help impact recipient households that reduce poverty and […]

The Rise of Digital Remittance 

Digital Remittance

Money transferring overseas would be hectic sometimes. As we revolve through the digital phase of the monitory revolution, standing in the middle of the queue in the bank to meet the exchange agent is pretty much a pain in the foot and withering sometimes.     However, remittance in cash mode would involve numerous paperwork, and parties’ […]